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    Cannot connect WSUS server to Patch Manager server


      Update services on the patch management server was working today. Then stopped.

      I've rebooted both the wsus and patch manager server, but I can no longer see my wsus server or connect when I try the test connection option.


      Source: EminentWare.UI.Controls

      Exception occurred at 4/13/2016 3:39:24 PM: Source: %ServerName%

      Reason: Exception occurred at 4/13/2016 3:39:21 PM. The transaction with JobID: 0b58babf-1b09-4207-97f0-c2ca930c450a-0 appears to have failed to retrieve the requested information. Unable to retrieve information from  %ServerName% for wsusserver

      Object:  %ServerName%

      Object Type:  %ServerName%


      Stack:    at EminentWare.UI.Controls.UpdateServerInformationCommand.GetServerInfo(UpdateServicesServer server)

         at EminentWare.UI.MMC.Controls.UpdateServicesServerNode.GetServerAsyncMethod()