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    Airgapped/Isolated Subnets in IPAM


      We have several air-gapped networks all using static IP addresses.

      I have IPAM connected to scan the main network and this is working well....


      On another isolated network, we happen to have some subnets overlapping with the main network.

      I created a group for that network, and imported all IPs from spreadsheet. I have disabled scanning on all subnets within this isolated group.


      However... now that I imported the addresses from spreadsheet, it also modified the properties of the main subnet's IP addresses.


      We are using IPAM purely as an IP DB for our static ranges. No DHCP server exists.


      How can I isolate one (connected) subnet from another (isolated) subnet in IPAM?

      Any records updated on let's say in the isolated subnet should not affect the record of in the live/connected subnet

      Likewise, any ip address record in the connected subnet, which is updated by a scheduled scan, should not affect the record of the same IP address in my isolated group.


      Any advice?