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    Success Center seems to have broken KnowledgeBase Links


      I just noticed that KnowledgeBase links now just redirect you to the home page of the Success Center.  For example, I was reading this article and clicked on the KB article link at the very bottom of it and was redirected to the Home Page of the Success Center.  Figuring that particular article was broken, I tried another page that had several links to KB articles. No dice.  Both KB articles on that page redirect to the Home page of... you guessed it... the Success Center.  So I tried pasting the URL of the KB article in to my browser.  Nope.  That doesn't work either. 


      If the searching/filtering functionality of the Success Center was better it wouldn't be a big deal.  For example; wanting to read the PowerShell Script Monitor tips KB article it was referring too, I tried to search "Powershell Script Monitor Tips" on the Success Center.  I saw no support articles labeled as such, and only one or two of the results seemed like tips to me, the rest seemed more about troubleshooting specific issues, so I'm not really sure what the original article it was wanting me to read was...


      I just figured I'd point this out to you guys.  Maybe you are already aware and are doing something to fix this.  Maybe I'm missing something stupid and obvious.  But whether it's the former, the latter, or something else entirely, I'm sure I'm not the only user who has ran into this.