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    Unlimted Polling Question


      We currently own NPM/SAM/NCM SLX unlimited versions.  I understand that the application server (primary Orion) can be licensed for an unlimited amount of devices ect..  What I cannot determine is if the additional polling engine servers are able to monitor an unlimited amount of elements.  I understand that hardware limitations will apply, however I cannot find anywhere stating that additional polling engines have an element cap in an Unlimited NPM/SAM/NCM instance. 


      To add another layer of complexity, Admins of SLW that maintained that app before me started to double and triple stack Additional Polling Engine licenses on Polling servers.  The reasoning is that each additional polling engine license accounted for 10,000 elements.  When looking in our customer portal it does not specify in any of our products that we have any type of cap on number of elements.


      Please assist in clarifying this question, I cannot get a straight answer from my account rep, or the accounts team at SLW.  Thank you.

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          The licenses that you have do allow you to add an unlimited amount of nodes but as the environment scales you'll need to spread the polling load across additional polling engines. You can stack 3 APE with NPM and 2 with SAM. The rest of the modules wont stack.


          Here is a link to our scalability guides that outline how each module scales.



          Here is an executive summary of that doc.

          Orion Additional Polling Engine (APE). Each polling engine can individually handle the following.

          · NPM/ SAM: 12,000 Elements. Elements comprise of nodes, volumes and interfaces

          · SAM: 10,000 – 12,000 components (specific application metrics)

          · NTA: 50,000 netflow packets per second

          · NCM: 10,000 device configurations

          · VNQM: 5,000 IP SLA operations and 200,000 calls per day (20,000 calls/hr)

          · UDT: 100,000 switch ports



          Each deployment of Orion, with necessary polling engines and default polling rates can achieve. By elongating your polling cycle these max limits can be extended.

          · NPM/SAM: 100,000 elements

          · SAM: 150,000 components

          · NTA: 300,000 flows per second

          · NCM: 30,000 device configurations

          · VNQM: 15,000 IP SLA operations and 200,000 calls per day

          · UDT: 500,000 switch ports

          · IPAM: 3,000,000 IP addresses

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