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    Getting ACL Info from Routers/Switches


      Is there anyway to create a report that will pull ACL's off of routers/switches?

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          I've seen this done a few different ways depending on why you want to see the ACL.  Sometimes people want to audit them to ensure all the devices are set up with similar ACL rules, and in that case you would want to build an NCM compliance report with the ACL rules you are looking for.  Then you set up a job to check your device against the compliance report so it can tell you if any of the devices don't match up to what you are expecting.


          On the other hand if you are looking for something more generic and just want to be able to pull the ACL for informational and reporting reasons then the trick I've done is to go to NCM Settings> Configs and then add in a new config type, probably called ACL and then edit my device template to run the show access-lists command when I try to pull an ACL type config.  With this you would be able to set up a job to periodically archive the ACL's for historical reference or compares and such.




          -Marc Netterfield

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