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    SRM - 3PAR Storage Latency Alerting


      Ideally we want to report on 3PAR Storage Latency (as a whole, not on the individual LUNs)

        • We can see this exposed to other systems such as 3PAR System Reporter, and SSMC but not SolarWinds SRM (ideally require this at the entire system level)
        • So best case this would be somewhere in SRM!


      Approach #1 - Next best, I can see SRM has this at the individual LUN level

        • I want to send alerts on these but only for 2 of the 3PARs we have, I can’t see how to do this as a filter (I require the LUN and StorageSystem to be available in the dropdown)
        • E.g. for an Application I can dive across to the Node properties and use them, but for LUN or StorageSystem I have to stay within this object type).
        • lun.jpg


      Approach #2 - I notice you can do “Custom SQL” for Alets, but I don’t see an option in the dropdown for “Storage systems” or “Luns”.

      As a workaround I do however see one for Polling Engines which allows me to join over to these tables.

      When I run this query in my SWQL Studio I get 0 results, but in the alert interface it wants to alert:

      This alert would be immediately triggered on 4 object(s) in alert scope


      I appreciate I am not using the system as designed



      Any help or pointers would be awesome, I would really like to have SRM as our single solution without requirement for other tools like System Reporter or SSMC.