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    NTA no longer works with account limitations, custom properties


      After upgrading NPM and NTA the drop down in the Flow Navigator under Details and then Node, no longer looks at custom property account limitations, all nodes that have NetFlow configured are showing in drop down no matter what account you are logged in as


      We have customer accounts with custom properties assigned to their nodes such as Primary_Customer, Secondary_Customer and Tertiary Customer


      So Customer A > Customer B > Customer C


      An account with Primary Customer can see A, B, C nodes

      Secondary Customer can see B and C

      and Tertiary Customer can see C


      Before the upgrade the drop down would only show nodes that fall under their company custom property but now all nodes for every customer is showing in the drop down



      One fix would be in the account limitations to use Group of Nodes on each account but this would require selecting every single node for every customer again and we have 4000 nodes in the estate and we would rather use the custom properties we have set up



      NPM 11.0.1

      NTA 4.1.0



      NPM 11.5.3

      NTA 4.1.2


      Is there anything that can be done to get this working again?