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    VMs not showing as "Orion managed"


      I have a slew of VMs that for some reason are showing up as not being managed by Orion when they really are. For instance, here's the details page for a VM in our environment:



      We're running Hyper-V on Windows 2012 R2 Datacenter. This VM is, in fact, in Orion as a managed node. I've tried removing one of these nodes and adding it by clicking on this specific button, but as I suspected, it didn't change anything. Is there something I am missing here? I'd really like the various pages and sections all linked together like I see with other VMs that seem to work fine.


      EDIT: It seems like all the VMs that are experiencing this behavior are non-Windows VMs. I did check and most of them have the Linux Integration Services for Hyper-V installed.