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    Discovery Lockouts


      Help!!!  I have been dealing with this for a week now.  I have my discovery scans set up by subnet.  Everything works great except for one subnet.  Doesn't matter if I do the range x.x.x.1 to x.x.x.255 or just x.x.x.10 to x.x.x.20. 


      It performs the discovery scan, but as soon as it goes to collection it locks out the account.


      I have used account lockout tool and shows the computer (different every time, depending on what I am scanning).


      I created a new account, tried several accounts.


      Just one subnet.  Any ideas.

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          I bet the domain controller on that site has stopped replicating, so the most recent password being used for discovery is different on that local DC.


          Check the event log on the site's DC for errors relating to AD health & replication, and do an AD health check.


          Also check the clocks on the server/clients are correct.

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              Well although I agree we could have some problems with AD, I don't think it is a replication error.  There are only 2 DCs in the environment.  Also like I said this is for only 1 of 6 subnets, so the others would be doing the same thing.


              I have changed scopes from - to random things like


              As soon as the discovery completes it locks the account.