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    SNMP Enabler fails on Windows 10


      Anyone have any luck getting SNMP Enabler to work on Windows 10?


      When I first run it against a Window 10 Pro workstation I get this in the error log:


      {MyRemotePCName} #SNMP Service start failed[Cannot start service RemoteRegistry on computer '{MyRemotePCName}'.]


      So then run these commands from to enable the RemoteRegistry service on those PCs:


      sc \\{MyRemotePCName} config RemoteRegistry start= demand


      sc \\{MyRemotePCName} start RemoteRegistry


      It tells me I'm successful:


      and yet when I try to run SNMP Enabler again, I get this error:


      {MyRemotePCName} #Installation failed[Remote process execution failed.]


      Anyone have any ideas?


      I'm using WMI to do this, and have tried the PSEXEC option, but haven't had any luck with that either.