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    NPM and NCM Integration

    Tira Li

      Hi All,


          As we known, in case of version compatibility, NPM and NCM can be integrated in the same web console. So here is my situation:

          1、NPM has itself external SQL database server, NPM version is 11.5.0, the SQL server is 2008 R2 enterprise and the NPM database is called SolarwindOrion

          2、NCM version is 7.3.1, and then it also has itself external SQL database server, it also 2008 R2 enterprise, the NCM database is called NCMOrion(we set)    3、NPM and NCM ip address is different, the same as their SQL server.

          Then if we keep the NPM and it's SQL stay, when integrating with NCM, we must backup NCM's NCMOrion database and restore the database into NPM's SQL server, it should be find and using the SQL Management Studio shoud be okay. So there are two database in the NPM SQL server.

          And then in the NPM server, installing the same version NCM is fine. However, after installation, the process would give us the window about configuration wizard. There should be pointed to NCMOrion datbase to restore NCM data? Or any method about fusing the database into one ? We just want to integrate NCM with NPM and keep their current data stay.

          Thx in advance!




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          Hi tira_li. It sounds like you had two separate Orion instances running, one for NPM and one for NCM, and now you want to integrate them.


          Normally, as NCM is a fully integrated Orion product, the database for NPM and NCM is one and the same: You would first install NPM, and then install NCM on the SAME SERVER. During the installation of NCM, the Configuration Wizard modifies the NCM database schema, inserting all the tables necessary to store NCM's data. When complete, all the information is stored in the same database.


          I'm not sure it's possible to integrate them now, at the database level, as they have existed as separate entities. When you run the configuration manager, it only prompts for one database, so after you've installed NCM on your NPM server, you have to point it to the existing NPM database.


          This is a tricky one! If I had the time, I'd lab it up for you and give you a definitive answer. Unfortunately, right now, I don't have that luxury. What I recommend you do is log a ticket with support. They'll advise you how to overcome this.


          Please let us know what the eventual solution was!