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    Creating a new Request Type


      How to make Attachments field mandatory (other mandatory fields have red asterisk forcing users to populate the field) in a new Request Type that collects data?

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          You cannot require attachments on any request type. You can enable or disable attachments on a request type, but that is as far as it goes.

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              Thank you.


              If I need a Request Type for collecting files, what are my options to ensure users are forced to attach the file when submitting the ticket?

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                  Steve Dolinsky

                  Let me know if this idea/workaround might work for you:


                  Create a ticket custom field called, "Have you attached a file to this request?" and give it two options: Yes, no

                  Attach the custom field to the request type and make it required.


                  This would prevent users from inadvertently submitting a request without an attached file, but it doesn't prevent a user from circumventing this check by simply checking yes/no regardless of whether or not there really is an attachment.

                  If you do have user's that would try circumventing it, you can then create an action rule that sends the client an email if they created a ticket with that custom field set to "no"

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