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    Show IP Usage Using UDT.


      We are converting from a homebrew monitoring system to Solarwinds.  One of the features of our homebrew server is you can search IP information (last seen, first seen, port) by using a wildcard in the IP address (e.g. 192.168.33.*) Then the table lists all the IP addresses that match the wildcard with the appropriate information. I am trying to replicate this in Solarwinds.  Google searches show this may be done but they all reference queries against the IPAM module.  We don't have IPAM only UDT.  Is it possible to find the information via UDT queries? UDT does show first/last seen information when searching for a specific IP address so it looks like the information is there somewhere.


      Second question: Is it possible to write to the data base and update the first seen information for an IP address? Preferably reading from a CSV file.