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    Is there any way to exclude weekend and after hours traffic stats from "last month" interface utilization graphs?


      I produce a monthly capacity planning report within which there are last months utilization stats graphs for key links. The problem here is that they can be very misleading because if you look at the average rcv & xmit figures which are averaged out over a month they would look totally different to say, using the bandwidth gauge in the Engineers Toolset for a day's traffic 9-5. This is because last months traffic would take into account traffic stats gathered at the weekend and in the middle of the night etc.


      Has anybody had a problem with this before or figured out a way to create graphs that would be a better reflection of a months traffic during business hours?


      At present I'm running - Orion Platform 2014.1.0, SAM 6.1.0, NCM 7.3, NPM 10.7, IVIM 1.9.0, VNQM 4.1


      Is there anything in a later version of NPM that would allow for time based filtering on interface stats?