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    Cannot logon 'account@domain' via Interactive/Default


      So I originally added "DOMAIN\Domain Admins" as a group with my privileged account in that group to SolarWinds NPM.  I then removed that group and added specialized groups.  One group has full admin rights, all drop downs are yes, and no limitations are in place.  I have my privileged account in that group.


      Now when I'm logged into NPM with that account I can no longer use my account to add new individual accounts or group accounts.  I never got this error before.  I was able to add any account using my privileged network account.


      This has to be a bug..


      I get this error and if I click the search AD button 5 times, my AD account gets locked out (I've logged out, cleared cache, used a different browser, rebooted the SolarWinds NPM Server, etc) --


      "Cannot logon 'account@domain' via Interactive/Default"