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    Agent Cache Size


      I know I have seen this before, but cannot find it at present...


      Does anyone know the maximum cache size for a LEM agent when it goes offline?

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          According to some documentation I found internally, it's 10MB.


          This can be managed by modifying the spop.conf for the Agent, located at:

          • Windows 64-bit: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ContegoSPOP\spop.conf
          • Windows 32-bit: C:\Windows\System32\ContegoSPOP\spop.conf
          • Linux: /usr/local/contego/ContegoSPOP


          And adding:




          Where "X" is the number of kilobytes you want the Agent to queue.  This value isn't included by default, but is set to 10240.  You could, for example, set it to 51200 and have a 50MB queue.


          If you want to set this option to something crazy high that might fill up the disk, you can balance it with this option in the same file:




          Which would stop the agent from caching data if the free space on the disk is less than X megabytes.  If you're going to allow the Agent to cache a lot of data, it might be good to add something like 5120mb in this command to keep at least 5GB free on the disk (depending on disk size, of course).

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