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    VMWare ESX Server generates alert status


      Hi All,


      Need your thoughts on this. We received a Hardware - Critical Status alerts generated from Solarwinds specifically from one of our ESX servers (MVDLXESX2) in our organization (see below):



      However, upon checking from the VCenter web client side, the reported problematic hardware seems in Normal state (refer below):


      Is there something wrong on Solarwinds end, or is there anyway we can correct this?


      Your kind advise would be highly appreciated.


      - Wilson Jay





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          The Hardware health information is polled either via CIM or the VMware API, depending how the node is managed/polled in Orion. If the host is polled directly, then the CIM protocol is used. If the ESX host is polled through vCenter, then the VMware API is used for hardware health.  I assume you have validated that the Power supply is really not down?  If so the next steps I would recommend is to collect logs and get a support ticket open.  If you do open a support ticket reach out to me with the support case and I will follow it on our side.

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              Hi Chrispaap,


              Thank you for your feedback, yes you are right. I'm validating if the Power Supply is really down, I do only have read access to VCenter Web client and Orion Web Console and its really hard to validate since I have only limited access. The onsite support of that server told me that there's no issue with the hardware but in Solarwinds Monitoring, there's an isue (refer screenshot).

              Regarding the logs you are asking, where do I get it? Is it from the server side or from Orion Web Console?


              Thank you in advance.


              - Wilson