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    Different email ID for different WHD request type


      I need some help in identifying following configuration and possible.


      We know that WHD can accommodate multiple email ID for receiving mail for different request types one for each by default.


      Requirement:  Security team want to use a separate e-mail ID for all security request for approvals, response.... 


      Request type: Security request

      • Open firewall port
      • Remote control (Webex, GoToMeeting, others...)
      • White-listing URL ...


      So for specific request type can we send email using a different ID instead of default email ID? 

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          You can have multiple Incoming Mail entries in WHD; each Incoming Mail entry would be tied to a specific Request Type.    (for example, I could have helpdesk@mycompany.com which could drop new tickets into the IT General Request Type and also have another entry for securityticket@mycompany.com which could drop new tickets into the Security Issues Request Type.



          The other alternative is to have just one email (e.g. helpdesk@mycompany.com) and have the tickets go to IT General Request Type, but then have an Action Rule which re-assigns the Request Type for the ticket based on some condition - like a particular word or phrase in the subject of the ticket, for example. 

          So, using your example, I could have an Action Rule that said (essentially) "If a new ticket comes into the system and has the text string 'Open firewall port' in the subject then automatically change the Request Type to IT Support -> Network -> Firewall".   You can set up multiple Action Rules if needed.

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