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    Additional WebSite Compatibility check fails




      I'm currently trying to add a 2nd WebSite to our Orion installation, however already at the compatibility check it fails saying that one component on my main polling engine is older than the one in the install version includes.

      It complaints about Sever Application Monitor v6.2.3.


      In general a rather straight forward error message, however in my case. My main poller is on v6.2.3


      Orion Platform 2015.1.3, UDT 3.2.3, WPM 2.2.1, DPA 10.0.1, NPM 11.5.3, IVIM 2.1.1, QoE 2.0, SAM 6.2.3


      So I can now blindly "forget" about this error and continue and then even ignore the rather alarming message that if I continue the installation the database will change and this could cause problems with the main poller.

      But I rather no kill my main poller because of a 2nd WebSite.


      - I already tried:

           * run a Repair (add/remove programs) on the SAM module

           * rerun the Orion configuration Wizard

      Both run successfully and ended without an error message. The Portal itself and the pollers are working fine.



      Any ideas what else I could do to fix this ?



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          To follow up. Solved the issue by now. The problem was that the main poller was indeed on version 6.2.3 but a slightly different different build number SAM vs SAM in the install package.  I've "upgraded" to the latest build on the poller and that fixed it.

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            I have the same issue. What was your upgrade procedure?

            Was it this?

            • Shutdown all
            • Run SAM 6.2.3 full installer
            • Start all
            • Install additional polling engine


            I contact SLW Tech support this morning and linked your post to let them know that I'm not the only one with the issue.

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              I had the issue while trying to install a secondary website and an additional poller.

              In these packages there was a slightly newer SAM build than I had installed at the time (installed SAM


              I downloaded the same SAM build ( at that time) and installed is on my main poller. Followed the install procedure as always. Meaning as it was such a small "upgrade", I did not bother to stop the services or to run a DB backup, but that I leave that up to you


              After that the check for the 2nd poller / 2nd webserver ran successfully and I could install it without an issue

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                  Thanks. That worked for me. I initially had an issue because Windows firewall blocked port 17777, and after I fixed that , the compatibility check failed. This was happening while my main poller was pegged at 100% CPU, which is why I needed another poller quickly!


                  Now I have 2 pollers, both under 50% CPU utilization and my users are happy.