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    SWIS Query Issue after server move


      Hello All, after a recent server move (new host name) I am noticing my SWIS queries not returning the correct (if any) information. When I run:

      Get-SwisData $SwisServer 'SELECT Uri FROM Orion.Nodes'

      to just see what data is returned all I get is this one string:




      The strange part is the above "servername" is the old server from which I moved from. Does anyone know where I can find each node's Uri information to check what server name is being referenced?

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          The "servername.wbmason.corp" part of the SWIS Uri is a "system identifier" that is used to identify this Orion instance. It is not used as a hostname for addressing purposes, just as a way to tell NodeID 890 on this Orion system apart from NodeID 890 on some other Orion system. When you first install (specifically, when the Orion database is created), the system identifier is set to the FQDN of the primary Orion server. It never changes, even if you rename a server or decommission the old primary server and replace it with a new one with a new name. So seeing the old name in Uris after a server move is expected behavior and does not indicate a problem.


          The Uris for Nodes are computed on the fly when you query for them by combining the system identifier (which is stored in the database) with the NodeID.