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    Request type change - Reporting


      Dear all,


      On a daily biases in end-user support when a ticket is opened based on the first information the wrong request type was chosen (e.g. hardware instead of software).


      I was the opinion if I create a report looking for all request types "hardware" opened last month, I will get a list of those tickets.


      But this seems not the case, because if in the meantime it turned out that the issue is not hardware but software and the request type is changed accordingly my query of "hardware" opened last month does not include the tickets with the changed request type.


      I thought that WHD will remember the original request type when it was opened (or when it was closed) and provides the information. But it seems it only will deal with the actual request types. If this is the case is there a way to find out of how many tickets were opened under a specific request type (even if the request type was changed afterwards).


      Thank you for your  help.