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    Large drive sizes incorrect for AIX servers


      I have several AIX servers for which NPM is reporting incorrect drive sizes for large drives. of course, the utilization values are then miscalculated. I am a little surprised that that this phenomenon still exists in Orion as I had thought it had been resolved in a previous version.


      Questions.... how can NPM properly report drive size for some drives on a server and not for others? And, is the only solution to use a custom OID poller? Does anyone an alternative OID for this?


      Thanks for any help.

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          Steven Klassen

          Orion only knows what it gets from the HOST-RESOURCES information that it gets back via SNMP. Could you run an snmpwalk against the server and see if you're getting the same information? I know that the handful of AIX hosts that I've worked with needed an entirely different SNMP daemon installed on an alternate port to get the information that the stock daemon didn't provide.



          Steven W. Klassen

          Programmer Analyst @ Loop1 Systems



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            Leon Adato

            Just to add to Steven's thought - you can also run "SNMPWalk.exe" from your solarwinds poller.


            And actually, I would start by doing an SNMP walk on the machine itself, as root. Then run SNMPwalk.exe and compare the results. If they DO NOT match, you have a permission issue within SNMPD.CONF (or the equivalent. I can't remember off the top of my head.).


            if they DO match but you can't find an OID you need or like, then another option - if you have SAM - is to use SAR commands in a shell script. There are two templates on content exchange (search thwack for "LPAR" and you'll find them) that should get you started.


            Hope this helps. keep us posted.