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    FTP Voyager - Error Uploading Files


      After setting up a connection profile for a new client of ours and successfully connecting to their site, I am unable to upload files to their directory. The name of the directory that i'm attempting to drop the file into is XPO-UPLOAD-TEST.  I get the following error:


      ERROR>   Cannot copy file: Destination /XPO-UPLOAD-TEST/testfile.xml is a directory.


      The site that I am connecting to claims to have set permissions on this directory for us to Upload Only with no View. This means that immediately after uploading the file to this directory the ability to see the file disappears. When they turn the View permission on, I have no issues uploading the file. Unfortunately having this permission turned off is part of their security policy and they are not willing to change that.


      Also, Filezilla uploads the file without issue.


      Any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated.