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    SWQL Volumes Forecast Capacity Table A and B Columns


      Math is not my strength, that's for sure.  For the life of me I can not figure out what the Aavg/Apeak and Bavg/Bpeak columns in the SWQL Entity/Table Orion.VolumesForecastCapacity are.  I've got several ideas of what they could be, but I'm just not sure.  Can somebody explain what these are so my feeble brain will understand them?  Thank you.


      EDIT: OK, I think I've figured out (well, my co-worker mostly figured it out).  The Bavg appears to be the percent growth per day from the MinDateTime to the MaxDateTime (180 Days by default, unless the Volume was added to Orion less than 180 days ago).  The Aavg I'm still a little fuzzy about, but I think it is the avg utilization over the number of days between the MinDateTime and MaxDateTime.  So if the CurrentValue and Aavg have a big difference between them, that indicates a large change in volume size over the sample period (that, and the Bavg will show a larger percent growth per day), whereas if the Aavg is very close to the CurrentValue, then that shows it hasn't changed size much (and of course, the Bavg will be very small as well).  I'm not sure how the Aavg helps, since the Bavg seems to be the most useful piece of data to me, but I'm sure it has its use or they wouldn't have it in the table. 


      If I'm incorrect or anything, please let me know.  Also, if you want to look at how this is done yourself, check out the Stored Procedure in the Orion SQL Database called: VolumeUsage_ForecastCoefficients.  It has all of the calculations they use to manipulate the VolumeUsage statistics and calculate the Forecast data.