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    Health of cloud service


      Hey guys!


      I'm looking for a way to pull in the health of cloud services into the Solarwinds dashboard.


      Basically, we have about five different cloud services and each has it's own health check online. I'm wondering if anyone has come up with a way to pull that info into Solarwinds. I'm looking specifically for Office365 and SuccesFactors first.


      This way, we can go to a single page on Solarwinds and get the vendor's info on the status of their service.

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          I am currently working on O365 dashboard.  We have not moved to O365 yet, but will be there in the next few weeks.  I plan to use WPM to watch the front end and login/AD.  Then I will also use the POP and IMAP UX monitors and create graphs for them to show history of response times.  Plus I will arrange on this dashboard statistics from "Office 365 User Statistics with PowerShell template.


          I try to create a dashboard for each SaS service we have so troubleshooting (which is very often) can be done more quickly.  Each is unique but WPM helps alot.

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              Thanks for the response familyofcrowes.


              That is exactly what I am trying to do as well, create dashboards for our SaaS.

              My goal is to assist our first line support by creating dashboard for them to determine if the issue is internal or external. It would have been great if SaaS vendors provided an API or some kind of platform that allowed us to pull health information into Solarwinds directly so that the first line support can advise customers and alert the necessary teams.