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    Where are alert email stored and how can I check them for extra space characters?


      Due to my noobiness, I've been making a fatal mistake when specifying alert email recipients. When I enter an email address manually, I noted that if I pressed a space character after the address, the Web console put that box graphic around the address with an X button on the top left that you click to remove the address. What I didn't know that it made the space part of the email address, and when the alert is triggered, the email does not get sent because of the space.


      In addition, it "remembers" the addresses I've entered, so that when I start typing in the TO/CC recipient fields, it suggests the addresses via a pulldown menu.


      I have 3 problems to solve -

      1. 1. Query the database to find out which alert email actions  have recipients addresses that contain a trailing space.
      2. 2. Clear out the remembered addresses, as many of them contain a trailing space.
      3. 3. ( surprise! ) When I test an alert email action, I've noticed the simulates the "TO" field, but does not display what the "CC" field would be. I have our help desk and the appropriate support teams for the alarm in the "TO" field, and I have our monitoring team in the "CC" field so that we can check the quality of the alert emails ( formating, content, etc )  the Solarwinds sends out.

      Any help from the community would be appreciated. I'll start poking about the database myself and will post anything I find here.