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    Another Huawei Router Support Question


      So Solarwinds support for Huawei products is a little light , we run AR2240 & NE20E-S4 routers and use a mixture of snmp V2c & v3. However what we cannot get is CPU & Memory in any form or shape. We also occasionally lose interface stats.


      Now Huawei are perhaps a bit too cunning or a bit useless because no amount of mib walking will reveal the cpu/memory oid's , yet products like Opmanager & eSight Network record both cpu and memory no trouble at all.


      How do I make Solarwinds add this support ? or alternatively if they cannot I will create my own pollers (but mib walking doesn't reveal the oid), Im getting **** from both management and the network team so am stuck in the middle here :-(

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          Parker Robinson


          That sounds frustrating and understand where you're coming from, trust me on that.  I would contact Huawei and see if they can provide you with the OIDs for the metrics you need, and then create a Custom Poller in the SW Web Console using those OIDs, or a Universal Device Poller, if necessary.  But first you need to verify that the MIBs for those products are in the SolarWinds MIB database.  If they aren't, you could get Huawei to send you the MIB for your products and then open a ticket with SolarWinds Tech Support to have them compile the MIBs and insert them into the SolarWinds MIB database.


          Unfortunately, I don't know off the top of my head how to verify that a particular MIB is in the SolarWinds MIB db.  I know that the db is located on the SolarWinds application server, but don't know the folder location.  I've contacted SW tech support in the past and had them check for a MIB in the db for me.


          I may just be telling you stuff you already know, so I hope this helps.