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    Migrate nodes/volumes/interfaces to other Database


      Hi guys,


      we are about to setup two new Polling Engines for our main Orion location.

      The reason is, that we want to migrate our dedicated Orion locations to the main Orion location because of central-administration and reporting aspects.


      So, now i'm searching for a elegant way to migrate/move all our nodes/volumes/interfaces from the database of the dedicated Orion locations to the database of our main Orion location.


      Do any of you know, if there is a possibility to do that? Or do i have to add all these nodes etc. manually? I think that would cost a lot of work...

      Or is it possible to join the informations in the databases together?


      We are using NPM and SAM at the dedicated Orion locations (and thus for the new Polling Engines).



      I already thank you for any reply and idea