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    Third-party install occurs as soon as possible


      This is more of a sanity check than a question.


      When pushing third-party apps, the "requires restart" trigger is what will cause an app to install at logoff/restart?


      Last time I installed a custom app that didn't have this set, a few users complained they were kicked out of their application, I'm assuming when their device checked, downloaded, and installed updates. Our workstations are set to check and download updates automatically, but apparently if it's not flagged as requiring a restart it will install without prompting, or respecting a running application. Does this sound about right?

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          Thats an interesting question.  When I make custom apps I always choose can require restart.  Im not sure why I do it, just that I do.  It follows the normal installation that requires publishing, approval, detection, and then the GPO sets when that installs if its not done manually.  Ive never had one reboot on a user because they dont get installed until after people are gone for the night.