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    DPA doesn't work after failing over from one replica to another in an Availability Group


      Hi there,


      We are currently running DPA version 10.1.313.  The DPA ignite repository database sits on a two-replica availability group.  When we attempt to simply fail over from the primary replica to the other, the DPA application (hosted on a separate application server) doesn't come online.  Is there some kind of configuration that needs to be changed on the newly assigned primary replica post-failover?


      Does this have anything to do with the jTDS JDBC driver?


      Error message we're seeing is:


      A connection to the Repository IGNITE@<SQL Instance> using the URL [<LISTENER>:1433/ignite_repository] could not be established. This typically occurs if the host or port is temporarily or permanently unavailable. If the host or port has permanently changed, edit host/port parameters in <DPA Home>/iwc/tomcat/ignite_config/idc/repo.properties.

      Connection failure due to: Invalid Database [caused by java.sql.SQLException: Cannot open database "ignite_repository" requested by the login. The login failed.]