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    Email alerts run amok...help


      LEM members,


      I haven't been able to get in touch with support to get answers so I thought I'd try here. We had a specific rule in place for years and yesterday something triggered the rule to spew email to our monitoring account. On the order of several thousand emails per minute. We resorted to shutting down the LEM for a period of time while we disabled email relaying to our Exchange environment from the LEM. I have disabled the rule that was the apparent cause of the problem, but I'm hesitant to restart email relaying from the LEM. I've submitted a case to support and have left several call back requests, but no luck as yet.


      Does anyone know if the emails would have been cleared or does the LEM know it hasn't sent them all is is waiting to do so? If so, is there a way to clear them out of the LEM so our Exchange environment won't get swamped again?