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    Would like to automate Group membership based on an alert action


      I would like to be able to automatically add a node to a specific group based on an alert action that changes the value of a Yes/No custom property to "Yes". That part is easy using a dynamic query based on the custom property. The part that seems currently impossible is that I want the alert trigger to be based on a poll of a custom OID assigned to the device. The OID result will be a specific value when the device is in the desired state. When I tried to create an alert based on a custom node poller value, but  then change a node custom property, I got an error message indicating that the chosen object (custom node poller) does not have any custom properties available, which is quite true.


      Does anyone know of a way around this? I am trying to design a process where it is only necessary to assign the custom OID poller to a node in order to set off a chain of events ending with the node being added to the Group with no further intervention by the user. It looks like the only available option at this time is to manually set the custom property value to Yes and not use the alert approach.


      Any help will be appreciated.