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    Get list of all queries on specific instance



      I'm new, so i hope it's not a duplicate question, but i can't find the answer...is it possible to get a list of all the queries processed in the last month by one specific oracle instance i'm monitoring?



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          Since DPA is not an auditing product, we can get you all of the queries that we OBSERVED running against an Oracle instance. Since we poll once a second, there may be quick, infrequent running queries that are missed. DPA being a performance-centric product, we nor you should really care about those. 


          Now, for a complete list of queries that we caught that ran against your Oracle instance in the past month, you can query directly against the repo instance:


          Step 1: Get the instance ID in question

          select id, name from cond  -- replace the <id> below with the id value from this query


          Step 2: Get the list of queries by SQL_ID

          select si.sqlid from con_orasqlid_<id> si, consw_<id> sw where si.hash in (select izho from consw_<id>)


          NOTE: This is assuming you have your detail days set to out of the box of 30 days.