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    Canned responses for notes


      Does the feature exist that allows a user to keep a set of canned responses to input into the ticket notes?

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          Yes. You can set up and Save a Bulk Action that will apply a canned response to 1 or more tickets.

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              How would you do this? For example, we have an Employee Termination Notice request type. I would love to add a canned response when closing this ticket.


              Thanks - Erik

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                  If your canned response is supposed to be attached at the closure of an Employee Termination Notice ticket, you could accomplish this by setting up an Action Rule (Setup > Processes > Action Rules). Configuration steps:

                  1. Action Rule Info Tab:
                    1. Evaluate Criteria: only when updated by a Tech
                    2. When criteria evaluation results in a match, apply action...: only if criteria did not match before the Ticket was updated
                    3. Save
                  2. Criteria Tab:
                    1. Request Type is Employee Termination Notice
                    2. Status is Closed
                    3. Save
                  3. Actions Tab:
                    1. Modify Ticket > Edit
                    2. Add the note text
                    3. Save
                    4. Save


                  ...and you're done! I hope this helps.

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                We use a combiniation of Bulk actions, action rules and another app called phraseexpress.

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                  Bulk actions are handy but they'd be a lot better if you could control the usage.  Once you create one and set it as Shared anyone can see it.  I have several different groups that can see everyone else's bulk actions.

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                    There are some situations when you need to send some type of canned response, but you need to add something to it or modify it in any way before saving/sending that response. The behavior is more like a "template".


                    Is desired that when the tech is adding a not to a ticket, a dropdown or selection of "templates" defined by the tech or the admin is present on the note edit options so the tech can select one and that selected template would be inserted to the note, so they can edit right away before saving it. 


                    It migh even work the same way as the feature that currently allows to add a link to an attachment inside the note's content.


                    On that case a Bulk action to add a canned response I believe wouldn't fit into.