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    Windows 2012 R2 Teaming/ Missing in Solarwinds NPM


      Hey all,


      For background on my problem. Our organization this weekend decided to move to Solarwinds. We have been playing with that before hand. This weekend we whacked everything and started over again. We converted 3 machines to Windows 2012R2. One Solarwinds NPM machine, one Solarwinds SQL server, and one Solarwinds additional poller machine.


      All are on HP servers. The Solarwinds NPM/Poller are HP 360G7 with 128GB RAM/32GB RAM for the poller and the SQL server is now a DL380G7 with 192GB RAM with 48GB RAMDISK for tempdb templogs etc.


      My question to you guys is this. Everything was working well until I tried to monitor the Solarwinds server itself. On our old setups we had HP Network Configuration software managing the teaming and Solarwinds could pick that up. When we built the new machines under 2012 we used the Windows 2012 network teaming.


      When I attempt to add this Solarwinds node into Solarwinds it can see the two interfaces but does not see the Teamed interface.


      I have updated our mibs.cfg to the latest with no luck.


      Does anyone out there have a fix for this?


      Take care.