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    Custom NetFlow URL based on alert start/end time


      I have alerts that are sent for high interface utilization, and in that alert is a link to the interface for NetFlow utilization so that we can see what caused the high utilization. I would like to customize the URL so that the alert reset action sends a URL for the interface with the time view already specified in the URL based on the alert trigger and reset times.


      Example URL:



      The times that are highlighted are the start and end times that will be displayed when the URL is viewed. Is it possible to dynamically generate these times based on when the alert started and also when it ended? This way in the alert reset email that is sent the utilization is just one click away.


      Also, I have a 60 minute wait until the alert is triggered. If possible I would like to subtract say 70 mins from the alert start time to put in the URL so that we can see what was happening before the alert was triggered. I assume this will require some custom SQL but I haven't been able to figure out how to write that.