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    Custom Fields in Child Tickets


      I have a question about the custom fields and how that data flows between child tickets and the parent ticket. Does anyone have a method where information that is populated inside of the child ticket also populates in the parent ticket?


      We have as a part of our onboarding process to create the following steps.

      1. Create AD accounts
      2. Create ERP accounts
      3. Create E-Time accounts
      4. Create O365 Accounts
      5. Order/Image/Install computer hardware
      6. Create Phone system accounts
      7. Order Cell Phone
      8. Order business cards
      9. Configure building access
      10. Setup workstation
      11. Notify people of new employee information - Just a notification and not a ticket.

      For the Order business card step I need information that is documented in multiple tickets to be populated in that ticket so we can effectively order the proper cards. I then also need a notification that will provide that information to the people needed in the last step. I am running the notification off the parent ticket and all of the other tickets are from child tickets. The data is not flowing between them. Is there a step I am missing or does someone have a best practice that will help us make this work?

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          I am not sure if you can have information from a child ticket go to a parent ticket. but you can have it go from the parent to the child. Not sure if you know how to do this, but I will share what I have learned

          You can't use a quick ticket to start the process otherwise the data doesn't flow from the parent to the child ticket

          I create a process that does the following when a person creates a ticket with the request type of User administration\ user termination

          there is an action rule that runs, it only run on ticket creation and not on update, this action rule does 2 things it assigns the tech to Pete and it runs a task called Terminated employee. The terminated employee task assigned the client to a dumbie account, this is so if the end user logs in they don't see a ticket to term their employment. I have 7 elements (tickets) that get generate based on this.

          if you look in one of the elements you will see that I have the check box for Inherit checked for some of the information, the items that are set to inherit pull the data from the parent ticket. note if you want custom fields to come from the parent to the child those fields must exist in both request types and then be set to inherit. I have not done this but I could have set up an action rule that said when this a ticket with request type User administration\ user termination is closed then send an email to and identify the people. If you want to email you I can send screen shots

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            Barry Harris

            I agree with Amyd, I know of no way that data can flow from a child to a parent ticket. Coming up with a work around that would answer the mail in this instance would be an interesting task.

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              I think you're better off using an action rule to pull the data from the custom fields that you need into an email to that group.  OR using an action rule to fire off another task to that group.  I'd first set up the request type, then map it to a task, then create an action rule.