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    Solarwinds Volume Monitoring Issue


      Having an issue with SW. My production environment is all virtual using VMWare ESX . I noticed that SW uses the unique ID of the volume which is my problem. Due to the virtual environment nodes tend to bounce around from host to host every once in a while. This process creates new IDs for each volume, solarwinds doesn't acknowledge the change and continues monitoring that drive (which is now down). I have around 500 virtual servers all with multiple drive letters. Its hard to keep the monitoring updated and correct. When a drive goes down it shoots out an email and since I have a large environment I get flooded with emails and sometimes miss some, the new drive IDs have to be readded manually one at a time and I have to create all new custom properties for the drives. Is there a way to have SW look at just the drives on the node rather than polling a unique ID?