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    Third party apps fails to download.


      Hi all

      WSUS and patch manager runs on the same box.


      downloading third party apps fails with following error. anyone ever encountered the same issue?


      Online ROM Flash Component for Windows - EF0300FATFD, EF0450FATFE, and E [HPD8] failed. Download failed. ChilkatLog:


          DllDate: Dec 12 2012

          UnlockPrefix: EMINENTWARFTP

          Username: WSUS:xxxxxxx

          Architecture: Little Endian; 64-bit

          Language: .NET 4.0 / x64

          VerboseLogging: 0


            enabled: yes

            heartbeatMs: 0

            sendBufferSize: 65536


          ImplicitSsl: 0

          AuthTls: 0

          AuthSsl: 0

          Hostname: ftp.hp.com

          Port: 21

          IdleTimeoutMs: 60000

          ConnectTimeout: 60

          HeartbeatMs: 0

          ConnectTimeoutMs_1: 60000

          calling ConnectSocket2

          IPV6 enabled connect with NO heartbeat.

          connectingTo: ftp.hp.com


            dnsCacheLookup: ftp.hp.com



          GetHostByNameHB_ipv4: Elapsed time: 0 millisec

          timeout waiting for connect to complete

          numSec: 15

          numMicroSec: 988000

          Connect function failed.

          SocketError: WSAEWOULDBLOCK The socket would block.

          For more information see this Chilkat Blog post: http://www.cknotes.com/?p=210

          ConnectFailReason: 7

          Failed to connect to FTP server.