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    Datastores still show in alerts after removal


      I mounted an NFS share to restore data from a netapp snapshot. All of that went as expected, data recovered. As I would expect the some of my alerts fired when the NFS share was mounted. I ignored them finished my task then removed the VM from inventory and dismounted the backup share. I waited a day for the alerts to clear but they did not. I tried changing the greater then to "999999" (I have done this with other alerts to clear deleted stuff) then setting it back to 30 but the alert comes back. Any suggestions?


      VM v6.3.1.575


      12016-03-23 09_20_12-SolarWinds Virtualization Manager.png


      sum(for $datastoreFilename in /datastore/file/name return if (matches($datastoreFilename, '-\d{6}\.vmdk') and not(matches($datastoreFilename, '\.snapshot')) ) then(if (/datastore/virtualMachine/snapshotSummary/file[name=$datastoreFilename]/name)then 0 else 1) else 0)

      2016-03-23 09_17_03-SolarWinds Virtualization Manager.png