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    LEM Retention Alerting?


      I was curious if there is a way to alert when the data-retention in LEM drops below a specified number of days?


      I need to retain data for a year so I would like to set a threshold to be alerted if the days worth of retention drops below 380 days thus giving me enough time to add more space to the system.

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          Hi Byrona,


          LEM use size based retention instead of age based retention. There is such rule template in the library. Maybe you can edit from there. Hope this helps!


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            The template rules that akak925 pointed to is based on the LEM's hourly "InternalInfo" events, which look like this:


            2016-03-21 08_42_42-SolarWinds Log & Event Manager.png


            You can see the usage of my logs partition (where the alert data lives) in this example is 83%.  The LEM does not calculate retention when it checks the disks, so you can't create an alert off days, but the template does look at the disk percentage.  If the percentage gets over 90%, then the LEM is going to start rotating data.  I actually have a rule in LEM that sends this data to the Orion console so we can keep an eye on it:


            2016-03-21 08_45_46-Orion Summary Home.png


            The only place where you see retention in days is the last page of the Database Maintenance Report, so you might alert when the LEM disk is more than 85% full and then check the DBM Report to see if you're about to lose data.


            2016-03-21 08_57_10-SolarWinds Log & Event Manager Reports.png

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