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    Moving the NetFlow Database (within the same server)


      Hi guys,


      I'm in the process of moving one of my client's NFDB's to a new drive, and it is taking an age. I'm following the steps outlined bellow:


      Moving the NTA Flow Storage Database


      Under the section for moving the database within the same server, it doesn't specify if I need to wait for the move to complete before I run the configuraiton wizard and point the storage at the new location, or when I can start the services again.


      My question:


      When can I repoint the flows, and when can I turn my services back on again?


      I've turned all SolarWinds services off whilst the move is going on, so NPM is also offline for the time being. Can I turn NPM back on (on the other server, we use a separate server for the NFDB), and just advise that NTA is unavailable for the time being?