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    Custom Node Alerts with Event Action show in main event log but not Last XX Events on Node page


      We have created a custom alert on a universal poller value for our Aurora HFC equipment.  The alert works fine, in that it generates an active alert when triggered and resets when trigger clears.  The action to update the Events log in NPM functions if you go to the NPM Events page  (item 1 below), but if you add a Last 25 Events to the Node Summary page (item 2 below), you only get the built-in alert history (node up/down, packet loss, etc), and the custom alert does not show up in the "All Alerts this object can trigger" view does not show the custom alerts.  We do use the SystemOID to apply the custom alert to only the Aurora devices.  Apologies if this is addressed in a post i have yet to find.


      1.     Will Custom/Advanced Alerts ever show up in the device-specific Last XX Events view?


      2.     Is there a way i must build the alert to show up in the "All Alerts this object can trigger" view?


      3.     Is there a way to make the node status icon (green dot) show a different color based on the status of a Custom/Advanced Alert?




      item 1


      item 2