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    Brocade MLX SNMP fails


      I am having an issue adding a Brocade MLX to Orion. I am not sure what the issue is here, because the system has access to the MLX and the SNMP V3 strings are correct. I am not sure where else to look as the Brocade FCX were added fine.


      Any ideas on what may cause this behavior?


      Thank you

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          none -- I have six MLXe running in MLX system mode running 5.4 and 5.7 that work fine (though we are using snmpv2).

          error messages?

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              This was user error. Turns out I was trying to use both SNMPv3 options. The read/write option needs to be black because it only sends informaiton. Never writes.





              There are no error messages showing in the log on the MLX.


              If I remove the SNMP client command I see an error in the log rejecting the server, so I know it is reaching there. I do however have this command in so that it allows access.