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    Reports to TSV


      I see in the documentation that when creating/running a report one of the options is to export it to TSV. Am I overlooking this? I don't see this option anywhere except the survey areas.


      Thank you

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          you need to click on the gear then you will see download to TSV1390.jpg

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            There are basically 2 different types of ticket reports -   the first is the 'normal' ticket report where you can choose "bar chart/pie chart/table only" and specify one or two ticket fields to cross-reference.  These are just exportable to .PDF.

            The other is "Billing Report", which primarily shows you the number of tickets and the amount of time spent on them... These are exportable to .TSV


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                Why can't we export ticket reports as TSV. Billing reports are far too limited for what we want to report on. Being able to export ANY report as TSV wouldn't seem to be too big an ask would it as the Ticket reports can already display a table of figures - that all we need.

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                    You can get the data from a ticket report into a TSV with a bit of messing about.  If your report contains a table, you can click on the totals field of the table and that will display a list of the associated tickets.  You can then select them all and export them to TSV.