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    Adding nodes, licensing thresholds, and monitoring issues


      I was adding nodes to various sites to build in some much-needed device visibility when I received feedback that SW had stopped monitoring one of our critical applications. Apparently we had eclipsed a licensing threshold without warning. I did not get any kind of notification telling me that the threshold had been crossed or an error message telling me that no more nodes could be added. Is this a bug or an oversight? It's causing a delay with getting all of our network and server hardware under management. Other than buying more licenses is there a way to turn these warnings on so that we don't run into the same problem in the future?

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          Are you using the Orion home page?  I have done exactly what you did several times... and up at the top - where you see new Discovered Items, New Blog Posts, and Product Updates ... you will see in that same location that you have exceed Licensing (it does not jump out at you or flash)... there are no notifications... stuff just stops working.   Application Manager is a kicker ... if you apply an application monitor it will generally add the SQL monitoring, which automatically takes 50 licenses from APM.  I usually catch the new addition before it affects the monitoring environment (NOW).    Perhaps we should ask SW to consider this as viable update to their existing product.  To tell you the truth .. the first time it happened to me ... I did not see that little note at the top ... and I scratched my head for awhile wondering what the heck was going on.

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