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    Dynamic Query results on a map w/o the whole group?


      We have two different map sets set up, one for remote network equipment (routers and switches) and another for remote servers and UPSs. Each map (state of Missouri) links to a "map" of each county. This map is just a blank image with the nodes on it in no order. The way it is set up now, is that each node is placed manually. You can imagine the pain this is when devices are replaced, removed, or added.


      I had come up with the idea of making a dynamic group for the remote servers and UPSs based by county and place the group on the map. So far this seem to working, although a pain to make each group.


      Now my dilemma: Right now, I have the groups named <name of county> Remote Servers and UPSs with dynamic queries for Remote Servers and UPSs. To do the networking equipment on a different map, as far as I can tell, I would have to make a new group with the dynamic query(ies) in it.


      My 1st question: Is there a way to place just the results of a query on a map and not the whole group? I would like to make one group for each County, and then place all the queries in one container, so i would only have 114 groups for this and not 228.


      My 2nd question: Is there a way to dynamically create these groups? All of my queries are identical except for the county which is in a custom property. I.e. The current query is off the node; AddressCounty is Osage; Outage_Notification_To begins with SRVR. I would like to know if there is a way to created this once and  AddressCounty would autopopluate with the information in that field.