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    Patch manager console freezes a lot (mmc not responding)


      I've noticed this glaring trend where mmc.exe tends to freeze quite a bit (the good old not responding appears in the window title and the window greys out).  For example to approve Mozilla Firefox 38.7 ESR, it freezes after its downloaded and published, I restart the console and it freezes again after its approved through the third party updates area under wsus.  But the third time I open it the update appears approved.


      It seems its working but the mmc process freezes quite often.  The same thing happens for my wsus server (which is a different VM), and yes we ran the wsus cleanup wizard.


      Both wsus and patch management 2.1 are on seperate vm's runing Server 2012 R2.


      I also have a physical domain controller that has intermittent mmc hangups, but none of my virtual dc's have this problem.


      I also cannot change the preferred domain controller in Managed Enterprise, Modify domain or workgroup.  The DC listed is an older 2008 R2 DC that has been retired.  I go to change it to any of our newer 2012 R2 DC's by name and when I click OK the whole mmc process just freezes.


      Any idea whats going on?