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    NetFlow oddities


      If this is somewhere on the site, I can't find it.  I'm not even sure what to search for.

      So here's the problem:

      We have new SonicWALL 3600 firewalls installed at two locations.  Netflow is set up the same on both firewalls.

      One site comes through perfectly.

      The other site works with the X2 interface, but not the rest.

      Yes, I did set the interfaces to use Netflow.

      Yes, I tried v5 and v9.  v5 seems to be the one that works for one and the X2 interface on the other.

      All interfaces are set up the same on all interfaces.

      Here's where it gets weird: 

      If I go to the general Netflow page and expand the devices to see the traffic on the interfaces, they all work but the two interfaces on that one device, HOWEVER, if I click on the interface, it brings up Netflow for that interface and looks fine.

      So why is the byte count still 0 on those two interfaces?

      We went to SonicWall support and they couldn't help us.  Told me to try all things I did and then said that we could use their equivalent of Netflow.  Personally, I like all my stuff in SolarWinds so that it's a one stop shop.

      So is there an issue with the Netflow software from SolarWinds?  If so, why is it only affecting 2 interfaces on only the summary page?

      Any ideas?


      I attached a picture.