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    BUG REPORT: Word Wrap, Bulk Edits, Disappearing Panes


      1. Long Label names on custom ticket field labels do not word wrap, causes weird prints

      2. Bulk changes to a custom field do not appear in the ticket view

                I have a custom field that I bulk edit, the tickets do not appear changed in the search view when the custom field is added as a column

      3. Sometimes when going to change the assigned tech the “Details”pane disappears

      4. Sometimes when going to add a note the “Notes” panedisappears

      5. Refreshing the dashboard page in the browser does not trigger the dashboards to refresh

      6. Dashboard labels do not word wrap, this causes the labels to go outside the bounds of the dashboard


      None of these are critical, but if anyone has a fix for number 1 it would be much appreciated.